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You Year is a one-day on-demand workshop.
Create your plan for a life that feels good.
Now in its fifth year, Danika Brysha developed YouYear with one goal — to help others build lives that feel authentically good inside.

A great life is just a series of great days. Days that feel good.

Featuring expert guests, creating space for support, and sharing proven tools that have impacted thousands of lives, this year’s program has been rebuilt from the ground up to be more expansive, connected, and fun than ever before.
Inspiration and support, led by expert guides.
Led by expert guides, to support you along the way.
Reflection + Clarity Intention + Expansion
As your lead guide, Danika will host the core curriculum and moderate throughout the day.
Danika BryshaSelf-Care Expert + Wellness Entrepreneur
Space + Healing
Lili PettitIntuitive Organizing Expert + Breathwork Healer
Purpose + Impact
Chanel Dokun Author, Life Planner, and Relationship Expert
Health + Self-Improvement
Melissa UrbanBest-Selling Author + Whole30 Co-Founder and CEO
YouYear 2023 - Program Overview
All sessions available individually on-demand. 8 hours total.

“When we want to feel courageous more than we want to check accomplishments off our list … When we want to feel free more than we want to please other people … When we want to feel good more than we want to look good … then we’ve got our priorities in order. Divine priorities—the kind that will steer you to the life you long for most deeply.”

― Danielle LaPorte

Your ticket to a life that feels good.

Bonus! Sign up today for access to our live, interactive replay on Mon, 1/2.

We’re doin it one last time! A final all-day session with Danika (and team) on hand to support you, answer questions, and guide the entire experience. 8am – 4pm PT

  • 8 On-Demand Sessions
  • YouYear '23 LifeSheet
  • All Program Materials

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4 no-fee payments, paid every 2 weeks ($150 total).

YouYear FAQs
YouYear is NOT a subscription. It is a one-time fee that provides access to:

  • The Live Event (Thursday, 12/28/2022)
  • The On-Demand Course (Recordings + Workshop Materials)
  • Program worksheets an supporting materials

Think of Self-Care Society as the daily practice — regular check-ins to stay accountable and inspired as the year goes on.

Self-Care Society (or SCS) offers daily, live check-ins — Monday – Friday each week. Just 30 minutes each, they’re led by our amazing team of class guides, and jam-packed with prompts, exercises, and more to keep you inspired all year long.

SCS also offers on-demand check-ins, and a monthly planning workshop — 90 mins, hosted by Danika on the last Sunday of every month.

As an SCS member you’ll also have access to our on-demand library, a brand new private community, and tools for daily inspiration and connection.

Normally $49/month, you can save big on a Q1 membership when you purchase the YouYear + Q1 SCS Bundle.

YouYear is hosted webinar-style via Zoom, which means you won’t be seen or heard at any point.

While we encourage chat participation, it’s completely optional.

Throughout the live program, Danika and guests will ask for volunteers, at which point participants can choose to volunteer.

Please note that YouYear is recorded, and that anything shared on-camera or (in the chat) may be included in the on-demand YouYear recording.

How you show up is completely up to you. You can participate in chat, volunteer to share, or just hang back quietly and follow along. There’s no wrong way to join us!

Yes, the 3 months of SCS portion is.

After receiving your invitation to join the SCS community, you’ll pay a $2 activation fee (deducted from today’s total) to start your quarterly subscription.

Cancel anytime — and don’t worry, we’ll remind you — your quarterly subscription will renew at just $99 / quarter after 3 months.

Sure. You have two subscription options:

– Monthly – $49 / month
– Quarterly – $99 / quarter

At this time, we do not plan to offer an annual membership option in 2023.

Amazing. powerful. supportive. validating. encouraging. Helps me breathe better and gain confidence to make a difference in my life, and as a result others.
Alexandra H
A great place for connection for me during some really difficult times in my life. I look forward to YouYear every time, it's my favorite part of a new year!
Lindsey M
The YouYear classes changed my life in 2020 and led me to an amazing community (and a book club!) that I am so grateful for.
Liz J
Free "Plan with Purpose" Workshop